Cleanup Whatsapp Data for Android with WCleaner

Whatsapp has become so popular these days that almost every individual have it installed in their cell phones. It is a very convenient message exchange system that has taken over the regular messages as it is capable of avoiding the hefty texts charges too. With whatsapp people can not only exchange texts, but they can also share pictures, audio, video and gps locations too. It is the ease of use and the power packed features that have made this app very popular today.

Now if you have been using this app for some time now then it must be the case your exchanged data is stored in your phone. Whatsapp stores everything shared in your cell phone memory thereby reducing the free space. So if you are running low on free memory space on your Android phone then you should consider cleaning up the Whatsapp data off your phone.


WCleaner works great on Android and you just need to run it after installing. It will list all the items present on your phone stored by Whatsapp categorized as Images, Audio, Video and Backups. Just select any item to see the stuffs present inside each of them. Now you can manually select each item to delete one by one, or just select all to delete everything.


You will be surprised to see that it will free up lot of space on your mobile phone. If you are wondering that why would you want to delete the stuffs then consider lending your cell phone to someone in your family may be for couple of days, I am sure you won’t want to let them see your entire whatsapp gallery, or would you? Not only this, if you have also decided to sell your cell phone then it is the best to either factory reset the phone or use this tool to cleanup your conversations.


Using this app you can also save the already saved image to some other location in your cell phone, say from external memory card to internal cell phone memory.

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