How to Clear Cache from a Specific Website in Chrome

For privacy reasons and better performance of our browser, we should regularly keep deleting the cookies and other temporary stuffs from the websites. Our browser also allows us to delete the temporary stuffs at the click of a button too. But do you know, clearing your cache memory is also important?

Yes, although not for security reasons but for better and faster performance of your computer you should consider clearing your cache time to time. So how do you do that? Well, it’s very simple. You just go to C Drive properties, and click Disk Cleanup. It will list all the memory and other files that could be deleted to free up space.

But do you know how to clear cache from a certain website, because the above method only deletes all the cache memory and not any specific website data. Well here is how to:

  1. Run Chrome
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + I (or manually right click anywhere and click Inspect button). This will open the developer console on your right.
  3. Step number 2 above is important, if you don’t do that this step will not work. Now right click on the reload button on your address bar on top.
  4. Now you shall see three options as Normal Reload, Hard Reload and Empty Cache and Hard Reload. Note: if you missed the step 2, this wont do anything.
  5. Click the last option, empty cache and hard reload as this will empty the cache for this website you are on and will reload the page using fresh downloaded data.

Check out this video that I have created explaining the differences between cache and cookies as well as normal reload and hard reload.

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