Clear History from Start Menu’s Run Command

We often use Run command to either run a process or launch an application but what Run command does is that it saves the command last used by us. When we use the Run command next time either by clicking Run from Start Menu or by pressing Windows key + R, we see the last command typed and used by us in the Run.

So it can be very annoying to see the last used command and the important thing is that it can’t even be erased by deleting cookies and other stuffs. So if you want to clear the history of commands used in the Run, then this fix is just for you.

1.    Open the Registry Editor that is type Regedit.exe in the Run command.

2.    Then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer\ RunMRU\

3.    You will see various values in the right pane, then delete all the values there except the one saying (Default).

4.    Quit the Registry Editor.

5.    Check the Run command either by refreshing the system first or by restarting the system.

The history has been deleted.

5 Replies to “Clear History from Start Menu’s Run Command”

  1. i want the instructions to clear history without using the regedit…………… for a normal user…….. who can delete run command history without using regedit and without any software……….. plz reply…..

  2. Hey friend, i fear that deleting run history without using regedit and any software is not possible in Windows, but yes, if you come to know about any do share it here 🙂

  3. yes CCleaner is a good tool but the guy above also wanted to remove history even without any software along with regedit.

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