Close all Applications at Once

If you are working on say 10 applications at the moment and after the work you need to close them all then what should you do? Click Close button on each of them? Just use this tool that can close all the applications and windows running at the moment at once.

The tool I am referring about is called CloseAll that can terminate all the currently opened windows and applications at once. This program lets you close all running applications with just a single click. It doesn’t use system resources because it only flashes a ‘close’ signal to all open applications on the desktop and then ceases.

The tool is best to use when you want to shut down your computer. Just create a shortcut to the tool in the Start Menu, Quick Launch, Windows 7 Taskbar or elsewhere and double click to execute it. The tool requires no installation and hence can be run directly from the USB drive too.

For detailed information and its usage, visit the link below.

Download CloseAll

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