Close Tab in Firefox with Mouse Double Click

Firefox is one of the famous browsers and is used by many users around the globe. The two different ways it has to close a tab is either by clicking the close button by the mouse or by using a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W.

Closing a tab by both these methods is very irritating for the users who have lots of tabs opened while working on the browser. Using keyboard shortcut might be disappointing for the users who do not like working with the keyboard whereas nobody likes to take the mouse cursor up to the tab bar just to close the tab.

Rights to Close is a Firefox plugin that adds up an interesting feature of closing the opened tab just by double right-clicking anywhere on the page. This extension enables user to close the current tab by simply right double-clicking anywhere on the viewing web page. What this addin does is, it maps the close function with the double right click of the mouse.

Rights to Close is an interesting Firefox extension that is recommended to all those users who don’t like wasting effort just to close an opened web page.

Download Rights to Close

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