Collusion Checks which Sites are Tracking You (Firefox)

Mozilla Firefox is one of the great browsers which help us to get our work done with speed and in an efficient manner. The company has come forward in order to take steps to protect its user’s privacy. Previously the company introduced a “Do Not Track” feature that allows you to opt-out of behavioral advertising though most of websites doesn’t respect DNT.

Most of the websites and advertising companies adopted it but not all the websites came forward to accept it. Thus now Mozilla has introduced a new add-on that is known as Collusion. This add-on will let you analyze the websites that are actually tracking you in real time.

If you want to check how this add-on works and how sites track you, you can do so that too without installing the add-on. Click here which will lead you to an interactive demo page of the add-on. You are required to click on “click Here link” to start the demo where Collusion starts showing what happens and how third parties track your movements across the web.

The sites are represented with grey dots and the red dots represent the advertising companies. When you will start visiting more and more sites, at the end you will see that the graph has more red dots compared to the grey dots. This means that the red dots (advertising sites) created cookies in your browser to track you.

You can get it on your system easily from the link given below. It won’t ask you to restart your browser as well. This add-on will get seated on your Firefox address bar and you can click it to start functioning. After a period of time you will see the similar graph as you have seen in the demo to know which all sites were tracking you.

Download Collusion for Firefox

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