Color your default Windows Folder for easy Identification

If it’s some our collection say our music collection, we have so many folders in there and this is the most common problem that I face. Searching for one specific folder by scrolling amidst hundreds of them is a tough task. Here is a utility that can help you if you are also facing the similar issue.

With this free app called Folder Colorizer, you can turn your default Windows Explorer cream yellow colored folder into any color of your choice. What this will do is, it will help you easily and quickly identify your most accessed or favourite folder among hundreds of them.

So whether it is for easy identification or just giving them a new look and feel, Folder Colorizer can help. To assign a color to a folder, you just need to right click on it and select the “Colorize!” option from the right click context menu which in turn will open a wizard for you where you can select any color of your choice from the color palette.

The tool works great on Windows OS and is a freeware, the only limitation being you will need to provide your email address. This tool will surely help you in easy and quick identification of your favourite folder among the rest.

Download Folder Colorizer

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