Compact Download Manager for Firefox

Whenever you download any stuff online through your Firefox browser, you tend to open the download window which pops up while you are surfing. This doesn’t feel good to me and thus have always wanted a separate download manager in the status bar from where I can easily manage the downloads.

If same is the case with you then you can try this Firefox add-on called Download Statusbar and as the name suggests, you can view and manage downloads from this tidy status bar. The main advantage of using this extension is that you will not have to open the download window again and again to manage your downloads, to see the download speed, the size downloaded or other detailed information.

Moreover the download window will not come into your way while surfing the internet. The other useful features of the add-on are its customization, compact size, different colors used for display etc.

You can customize the download status bar according to you and even move it to left or right side on the page as per your needs. If you want to have a dedicated download manager for Firefox then this is the add-on to install.

Visit Download StatusBar

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