Compare Contents of Two Folders with Compare Folders

We have lot of files and folders in our systems and thus it, sometimes, become very difficult to organize them. As a result it also happens that we have some redundant data and files present in many folders of our computer.

Scanning the folders for a single file is bit difficult and same is the case with comparing folders for some same data. Here is a tool that I came across which can easily compare 2 folders for you and lets you know what all files are present in both the folders.

The tool is free to use and is very simple to use too. The tool is called Compare Folders and what it does is, it allows the user to compare the contents of two folders against each other. For scanning the files it uses two of the following methods that is it either scans the folder for files with extensions or without them.


•    Compare the files in a folder by their names and extensions, or just by their names
•    Files that only occur in one folder get a check in their check boxes
•    The checked files can be copied to the other folder
•    The checked files can be deleted (To the recycling bin)

If you have some folders to be scanned then this is the tool for you.

Download Compare Folders

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