Comparing Cloud Speeds

As quickly as cloud computing has grown as a widespread web tool and service it should come as no surprise that experts and analysts are beginning to configure rubrics and indices in order to determine the strength of different service and the nature of service that a consumer should seek. Technology is accelerating rapidly but consumers still want a good deal, as is demonstrated by the surge of retail spending that occurs when when we see interest rates lowest dips. The newest cloud index, by French company Cedexis, seeks to provide a basic overview of the Internet service providers who offer cloud services and compare their performances.

Here are a few notable factoids from their 2012 report:

The fastest US-based cloud provider speeds hail from VoxCloud in Amsterdam and New York. In France, the most end-user friendly ISP cloud service is Orange, followed by PROXAD Free SAS. Speeds range from 3.9 seconds clocked by Cablevision to 5.4 seconds by Cogent.

Cedexis isn’t the only company that offers such a report. CloudSleuth offers a similar cloud comparison, but analyzes data over the course of a year instead of daily. In their summary Microsoft’s cloud service Azure beat out 25 other service providers with the best global average performance over a 12 month period. They were followed closely by Google App Engine and OpSource. CloudSleuth measures ISP performances using the Gomex performance network, judging IaaS (Internet as a Service) and PaaS (Product as a Service).

Cedexis, in its analysis, judged the ISPs using three different sets of criteria: general ISPs, content networks, and cloud providers.Cedexis also judges page time-out statistics and deemed Google’s App Engine the most prone to error.

With cloud services on the rise and consumers and businesses demanding them more and more as part of money-saving efforts and tech upgrades, we can expect to see a continued effort to add greater specificity and sophistication to these rubrics.


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