Completely Hide Group of Applications Simultaneously and Instantly

Whenever we want to open an application we generally head towards our desktop to access the shortcut of the application, don’t we? I usually use Windows-M shortcut for that or the show desktop button on newer versions of Windows. Similarly sometimes I want to keep some applications visible while hiding others.

But the only option that we have is to manually hide the window that is not required at that moment and then again get it back when we want. But this would be a very hectic task if there are several windows opened.  So in that case you can use Put Aside which is a portable Donation Coder application.

The application actually allows you to hide a group of applications with a shortcut or a few mouse clicks, and bring them back up again in the very same way. The default shortcut in this program is Shift-Scroll Lock which helps in hiding a group of application on the system.

Hidden in actual sense means their windows do not show up anymore on the desktop, the taskbar, or the system tray. They are however still listed in the Windows Task Manager or comparable process managers. You can select applications that you want to hide from the program’s Include system tray menu.

The second shortcut is Scroll Lock that helps to switch through all program windows that are hidden by the application. Using the preferences you can also change the shortcut keys for hiding and switching through the applications. You can download it from the link given below.

Download Put Aside

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