Compress Images Automatically before Uploading to WordPress

Being a web blogger I know how important it is to maintain your blog space and keep the server less occupied. While posting an image to the blog, it is very important to reduce the size of the image to as low as possible (while still maintaining the quality) as this helps in taking less bandwidth and consuming less page load time.

I, myself, try to optimize the image each time before uploading; however there are many automatic processes to do so. Today we are discussing about the WordPress plug-in called as Optimus. Using this plug-in you don’t need to manually optimize the images before uploading as this will automatically do the same for you each time before you publish any post.

Whenever you upload an image to a post, what Optimus does is, it uploads the image to its own server, optimize it for size yet maintaining the quality, and uploads the optimized image back to the wordpress media directory. This thus helps in low page load time and better page ranking (page ranking also depends on how long a page takes to load).

The most important features of using this extension are that you don’t have to manually do the process, as it is taken care by the plug-in itself. Also, the reduction in size of the image is quite significant while the image quality is still maintained.

The only thing that you need to take care, as of now, is that the plug-in currently supports JPG images only. Since JPG images are easier to capture and better for uploading, the plug-in uses this format for the optimization. So if you are someone who mostly deals in JPGs only, then do go for this plug-in.

The plug-in is in German language, but you can easily translate the language using Google Translate and need not worry about the use.

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