Compress PNG Images without Quality Loss with PNGGauntlet

There are lot of image formats that are being used today like the jpg, bmp and png etc. While bmp and png are heavier image formats, jpg are less in size. It is sometimes very important to reduce the size of an image and especially for a webmaster like me, it becomes more important as we don’t want the make the site take longer time in loading the images.

There are many ways in which we can reduce the size of an image but in most of those ways we will have to compromise with the quality. PNG image formats are well known for its quality but on the same time they also have higher size too. With the help of the tool called PNGGauntlet we can reduce the size of the image without compromising on the image quality.

PNGGauntlet is a free tool that can help you in compressing the PNG image up to the best possible size in which there is no quality reduction. You can also batch process the images in one go too. Just ensure to configure the tool first as per your needs so that you can make the tool suit your needs. The tool may not be the fastest in the compression process but the image size after reduction is fairly less than the original.

You can either overwrite the same image, after compression, or save a new copy of it to compare the image quality. The tool will also show you the image size compressed in percentage so that you can know how much the image has been compressed. You can also have the compression run in the background and in case your system is lagging in speed then you can choose the option to “Run compressors with low priority” which will not bother your system performance.

The tool is free to use on both Windows and Linux, which can be downloaded from below.

Download PNGGauntlet

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