Compress, Resize or Optimize an Image with Image Optimizer

I like clicking photos and thus sharing them with on different places with different size restrictions is a tedious task. If you are also some similar problem then here is a free online utility and a tool that can do that easily for you.

Say, you want to convert an image in MBs to one having size in KBs, you have to either resize, compress or do both the things, but with this tool just specify the quality you want to achieve and it will do the rest for you.

Just visit the website, browse the photo to be compressed, and select the optimization method like small size, good quality or best quality from the dropdown and click the Optimize button. That’s it, your image shall be compressed in the desired form.

You can also download the Image Optimizer tool which you can install on the system for easy and batch processing of the images. This is also good if you wish to carry this places not having internet connection.

Visit Image Optimizer

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