Computer’s Date and Time Changes Automatically on Reboot

If you are facing this problem that whenever you restart your computer, the date and time gets disturbed and resets itself automatically, then here is the solution to solve the problem.

This was the problem of one of our readers, who was also facing the same problem.

Causes of the problem:

The problem is caused by either any hardware or the time conflict if you are logged on in a network.
If a program is syncing your PC’s clock with the one on the network then you can also face the issue.


1.    First set the clock again to the correct date and time (double click the clock at right bottom to edit it).

2.    Reboot the system in safe mode.

3.    If you see the time and date correct then skip this step else the problem is caused by a hardware issue, example you may need to change the old battery on motherboard.

4.    Restart the computer in normal mode but do not log in to a network.

5.    If the date and time is incorrect then it is a program that is not related to your network is changing the date or time.

6.    But if it is correct then log in to the network.

7.    If the date and time is correct again then something else is changing your computer date and time like a Task Scheduler. But if it is incorrect then it is the network that is responsible. Contact the network administrator to know what is changing the time and date.

Hope the problem is fixed.

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  1. Great information but my PC has a motherboard issue which is causing the time to change. Changing the CMOS battery is not working and the network and software is not responsible.

    Can anyone suggest how I can automatically overwrite the time and date using the internet as a source upon start-up and at intervals. I dont particularly want to have to buy a new motherboard when the only thing not working is the time and date.



  2. Hi,

    Thanks for post.
    i solved my problem which have same issue that mentioned in this post.

    Thank you very much.


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