Control all your Open Windows with Windows Seizer

For any person working on the system, a normal scenario would be of having many windows and applications opened at the same time. If you have many windows and applications opened at the same time, handling them is not that easy.

Here is a tool called Windows Seizer, with which you can easily take control of all of your windows and tasks opened at the same time. Using this tool you can not only see the information about each of them but also control for various operations.

Windows Seizer can display following detailed information about the Windows opened:

• Memory Usage

• Window Handle

• Class Name

• Parent Handle

• Window Visibility

• Process ID

• Status

• Filename’

• Path

• X Coordinate

• Y Coordinate

• Width

• Height


You can also control the windows and applications in many ways.

Task and Window switching

Double clicking on the window entry can bring it to foreground.

Close all IEs

Allows you to close all the opened IEs at once

Close All Folders

Allows you to close all folders you have open with a single click.

Close Item

Standard close selected window.

Close All

Close all windows. This is useful for just before you’re about to shut a PC down. You can make sure that everything is closed properly and all files are saved before you initiate the windows shutdown.

Kill Window

Quickly kill the selected window which might not be responding. Useful programs which are not responding or task which you know to be spyware.

There are many other things that can be done with this tool, hence is a great tool to have in your system.

Download Windows Seizer

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