Control Windows 8 Computer with your Eyes

Whether or not you like Windows 8, MS’s latest OS, it had proved itself of being largely capable. Another good example is the ability to be operated by Eye Tracking Technology. So if you have been using your mouse or keyboard to operate your computer, I must say you are not updated.

In case you don’t know what this technology means, using this technology you can navigate you PC using your eyes. If I say you can control your Windows 8 computer with your eyes movement, would you believe me or not? Well this is what this article talks about today.

Recently a device has been developed by some company Tobii called as Rex. It is a USB-connected peripheral that you need to place at the bottom of your laptop screen or computer monitor which will silently monitor your eye movement to control your PC. An interesting point to note here is that this will not replace you mouse and keyboard but is a kind of assistive technology that along with mouse and keyboard can be used to control your system.

Using Tobii Rex, you can do many actions like navigate, zoom, scroll or select something. Although this device has not been officially launched, Tobii plans to sell around 5,000 units this year. A developer version of the device is available, though, at a price of $995. [via]

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