Convert a Unit into another with Firefox Converter Add-on

Converting a metric data into another is one task that I have always avoided. There are so many units that keeping track of one another is difficult and so is the task of converting it into another. For instance, some people use Pounds for weight and some Kilograms. So it is important for us to keep on the same pace as the other person and this is why we need a converter.

Well most of us have this converter app in our cell phones but what if you come any data online while surfing the internet? You would surely seek the help of Google in this case. Well if you deal mostly with data, here is a simple Firefox add-on for your browser that will save your time and provide you with the converted unit instantly.

What you all need to do is just install this Firefox extension, and you can start using it thereafter. There are two ways of using this, you can either right click on the data unit to be converted and select this add-on from the right click context menu for the converted unit or you can set your preferred unit in the settings, this will always load the browser in your preferred unit and you won’t be needing it convert it again.

This converts either the selected measurement (via right click), or the entire page (via status bar icon). The add-on supports lot of units for conversion like meters, feet, degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, inches, centimeters, kilometers, miles, km/h, mph, square meters, square feet, kg, lb, fl oz, milliliters, and more.

Download Converter add-on

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