Convert any Webpage to Print Friendly Doc and PDF in Chrome

Internet is full of information and which is why we all like to surf internet. There are times when we wish to keep that information with us handy in some different format may be a document so that we don’t have to visit the webpage again, or may be as a printed sheet, so that we can carry that information with us everywhere.

While taking a printout or converting the webpage into any document is not that difficult, however there are lots of ads and other things on the webpage that are useless and increase our page count. We can take the printouts easily but there is no option to customize the data before doing that.


So if you guys are using Chrome for your daily internet browsing, here is a useful extension for this purpose called as “Print Friendly and PDF”. What this extension does is, it provides lot of flexibility on the webpage so that you can modify the content on the page as per yourself and then take the print out. As the name of the extension suggest, it allows you to make the webpage print friendly and also convert them into pdf or even send them as email.

Features of the extension:

• Print Friendly removes ads, navigation and junk before your print.
• Delete any text before printing
• Remove an image or all the images on the page before printing
• Change the text size from larger to smaller
• Generate PDF or email the page.

If you are someone who need to take some printouts of the information you find online, then this extension will help you save on the page count and let you customize the data as per your need.


The above image shows how the 17 pages on a website were reduced to 2, using this extension.

Download Print Friendly and PDF

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