Convert Audio and Video between any Known Format, Split or Join Media too

We have lot of devices with us that can play media like audio and video for us but not all of them use the same format for the playback. Some uses the DivX format while others use some other codec. This can irritate you if you wish to play some video on your phone but don’t have the right converter.

Also different devices use different settings so that they can give you the best possible playback. For this purpose you definitely require a media converter but in the world of internet when you have so many converters available choosing the right one that can server all the purposes for you, can be difficult. We have also written some in the past.


To help our readers, here is one converter that will eliminate all the others written in the past. This converter, so far, is the best converter that I have come across. Named as Video to Video Converter, this converter is more than capable to just convert the video from one format into another.

This converter can convert media from any known format into any other known format. Doesn’t it sound like the master of all converters? Well Video to Video Converter supports more than 200 input formats and more than 700 output formats (way too many for one can think of). The converter supports a large number of output video formats: AVI, DivX, Xvid, mpeg-4, AVC/H264, mpeg, mpeg2, MOV, WMV, 3GP, 3GP2, MKV, WEBM, SWF, FLV, RM, ASG, GIF and others.


Moreover the converter can also be used to split or join movies. Yes if you wish to crop some part of a video and delete the rest, then also this can be used. And in case you wish to join some videos, say to make all your old videos into one, this works well.

Using the converter is very easy, you can either select the presets or set your own settings before decoding. You can also make use of the Android phone settings, to directly convert the media for your phone. The best part about the tool is that, it is Free. Could you believe it?

Well give it a try.

Download Video to Video Converter

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