How to Convert .avi Videos into Animated Gif Images

In the early days of internet, animated Gifs were not that popular. At that time anyone could notice that every webmaster tried to show those blinking annoying animations on their websites. But now that time has passed away, you can find animated gifs on Internet more these days on “fun-sites” or forums.

If you find these animated gifs really good then you can also create your own animated gifs to publish them on those sites. The first solution that comes to our mind to create a gif is by using professional software like Photoshop or Gimp. But every one of us does not have that much expertise on these software. So instead of this you can use a tool like openAviToGif.

Though it may be not that versatile but when it comes to creating a gif, then it is the best solution that I can find. You can download the latest version of this program from the link given below. The codec pack is also offered on the website. After downloading it, you have to extract the contents in the same directory and it will work well without any errors.

If you don’t have the video in avi format, then you can convert the video in this format using any of the video converting software and then you can use it with this program to create a Gif image. One thing that should be kept in mind is that you need to define the output folder and make other configurations.

This program is really very user friendly and anyone can use it without any problem. This is a very handy program and you won’t find any problem using it. You can visit the link given below and can go on with your work.

Download openAviToGif

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