How to Convert a Bookmarklet into a Chrome Extension

Before explaining anything, let us first discuss what actually a Bookmarklet is? A bookmarklet is an unobtrusive JavaScript stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page. This actually allows use of some features of a website without even going to the website as we would have otherwise.

‘Twitter Share button’ or ‘Scoop it’ are some examples of Bookmarklets that can be used to share anything on Twitter or Scoop it, that too without entering any URL of these websites into your browsers and thus avoiding the need of visiting these websites. The only drawback that annoys me a lot is that I can access such buttons only from the Bookmarks Bar (In Chrome).

So to rescue such issue, I will introduce all of you with a web application that will allow you to convert a Bookmarklet into an extension in your Chrome browser. Don’t worry you are not required to be an expert in coding or something. The web app is very easy to use.

To start such conversion, firstly visit the website for the application from the link given at the end and follow the steps mentioned below.

• You have to enter the name and the description for Bookmarklet

• Then drag the Bookmarklet from your bookmarks bar into the form.

• After that hit ‘Generate Extension’ button.

• After this you will be asked to download a Zipped file of the extension

• Download the file and unzip it on your system.

• Then go to Chrome’s extensions setting page (chrome://settings/extensions) and enable ‘Developer mode’.

• Finally Click “Load unpacked extension…” and select unzipped folder.

That is all you need to do to convert a Bookmarklet into an extension. This would really help those users who surf the internet a lot and want to share their new discoveries with their friends and contacts.

Visit Bookmarklet to Extension

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