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Gaming has become very popular today with new and new games releasing. So if you like playing Counter Strike very much (like I do) then this post is just for you. Wanted to have another look at the headshot u just had? You can easily convert your CS demos to videos for viewing and analyzing them later.

This has been tested by me and the videos are just great.

Step 1:
What you all need is just the software called “Video Mach” which you can download from here. The software is free and will continue to work absolutely fine even after the evaluation period.

Step 2:
Start CS and play the demo, now at the point when you wish to start recording into avi type a command into console “startmovie mov 30”, mov is the prefix that will come in the screen shots like movXXXX.bmp where XXXX will be the number of the screen shots. 30 denote the fps setting at which you are taking the screen shot. Type “endmovie” in the console to stop recording.

Step 3:
Run Videomach, click File->Open…then browse to the folder where the screen shots are placed. Click the first numbered shot & then scroll to the last, hold down the SHIFT key & click the last numbered screen shot again. Then click open, this will open them as a clip in videomach. Videomach may not be able to open more than 1500 files at once so if you wish to open more files then you can open the remaining files again. Just ensure their proper order.

Step 4:
This step is foe the configuration of the output settings. Click on the disc icon and set the output filename & settings, on the file tab click video only and in the format box select avi. Keep the same resolution that you did at the time of “startmovie mov 30” under the video tab else the movie will look like a crap. Under the video tab click the “Format Options” button and in the compressor box select DivX Pro or Xvid MPEG-4 Codec.

Step 5:
Well this is the last step, click the disk icon with arrow to start encoding and the avi movie will be stored in the folder you specified.

Videomach can easily incorporate sound and some photo effects.

If you want to have a look at the quality, watch the videos created by me.

1. (Watch it at Youtube in high quality)

2. (Watch it at Youtube in high quality)

So any comments about the shots? 😉

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