Convert your MS Word Documents into Audio Files with AudioDocs

There are situations when you are tired of working and don’t feel like seeing or reading some document or say you are narrating some novel to someone, then why do it manually when it can be done automatically? Whatever is the situation you can make your word documents hearable by converting the entire document into an audio file by using the text to speech conversion technology.

There are many tools that can read out the text to you but with this tool called AudioDocs you can not only get the text narrated but also convert the entire word document into an audio file so that you can carry it too with you wherever you go. The tool is free and really simple to use and works great in the conversion process too.


AudioDocs is an open source sourceforge product that can create documents which you can actually hear. The tool has decent and minimal interface that can be used by anyone easily. All this tool has is a “MS Word to AudioDoc button” clicking on which pops up a dialog box which you can set as per you and the document.


The box (as shown above) has some fields like File name which you need to browse and add the doc file, TTS Voice which is used to select the voice option, Speaking rate which is used to set the pace of the audio and the last as Volume which can be set later on too. So when you are done configuring all the options, just click the Create AudioDoc button and after the successful message box, the file would get generated.

The audio file converted is in .wav format which is not compressed thus, is large in size. Although the file is played in all music players and without any errors, I think the developer should provide an option to convert the file into .mp3 format too.

If you liked the tool then download it from the location below.

Download AudioDocs

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