Convert MS Word Documents to MP3 Audio Files

We have known much about the TTS software (Text-to-Speech) that can read out text for you but what if say, get your heavy word docs read out too? Well, yes it is possible too and using this feature you can get your novels or heavy fiction stories read out to you.

This is another way of using the same technology of TTS and might come very handy if you have long documents that you would rather prefer to be read aloud. Since Windows don’t have any feature by default to do this, here is a tool called AudioDocs that can do it for you and that too, for free!


AudioDocs has got very plain user interface but don’t go on its minimal design as it is very powerful and effective. You can use AudioDocs to convert your MS Word Doc or Docx files, and even PDF files to MP3, WAV or WMA formats and play them in the Music player. This way you can also pause, forward, rewind or perform more actions on them.


So to get started just download this free utility, and get your docs ready. Choose if you want to convert MS Word doc or a PDF File, in the next window that opens, browse for the document and select the voice of your choice. You can also select play speed and default volume. When you are done selecting everything, click on Create AudioDoc button and that’s it, you will be provided with your audio file.

If you liked the tool and want to give it a try, the link is right below.

Download AudioDocs

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