Convert Online Web Pages into PDF Documents

We happen to come across various useful articles online that we might want to have it with us either as hard copy or as a soft copy. While we can save a webpage as a html file but reading it offline may not be easy.

The better option is to convert the webpage into a PDF document which is always better to have since it is easier for us to not only read from it but also transfer it to some friend. Converting a web page into the PDF document is not at all difficult with a tool called Joliprint.

Joliprint is an online utility that can convert our web page completely into a PDF file with all the images present in the article. The advantage of using this utility is that it does not require any installation and we can make use of this utility from any web browser.

The utility not only keeps the article formatting, links and images but also enable us to download the PDF file instantly. The only thing about it is that it turns the article into two column article in the PDF document. If you don’t like opening the site again and again then you can also make use of the Joliprint button available for all the browsers.

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