Convert or Import Excel sheet to Access Database

One of our readers wanted to know how to convert the excel .xls spreadsheet into the MS Access .accdb file with all the tables remaining as it is in the Access file. If you also work between the two files and wanted to know the same procedure then here is way how it is done.


1.    Create a new Access database file on your desktop or into a folder which will serve as the target file for us.

2.    Open this access file, go to the External Data tab and click on the Excel button under the Import section as shown in the screenshot below.

3.    Now it will open a wizard for you using which you can easily import the excel file.

4.    Select the source excel file as asked by the wizard, click Next.

5.    Now select the worksheets you wish to import from the source excel sheet, click Next.

6.    If your excel file contains headings in the first row then select the box of “First row contains Headings” else click Next.

7.    Now you need to select the Field names in the source sheet, you can also select the field manually and provide it a name.

8.    Next step is to select the Primary key for the database. Primary key is a key which uniquely identifies a record in a table. Here it can be the serial number.

9.    Now just select the name of the table and click the Finish button.

Your excel sheet would have been imported in to the Access database file.

Let me know if you were able to export your xls file into the accdb file.

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