Convert PDF to JPG or TIFF Image Formats

Ever wanted to convert Adobe PDF files into Image formats like JPG, BMP or TIFF? Well if it is yes, then here is a tool for you that can do that for you easily.

The tool is called Adolix PDF Converter and what it does is it will add a virtual printer to the system from where you can create a PDF file too by sending the print to this virtual printer from the applications like MS Word, Powerpoint etc.

Moreover you will be able to convert the PDF files to the image formats of either of all the pages or just the selected page. You can choose to transform the whole PDF file to image or only a selection of pages, defining a conversion pattern similar to how printing is done in MS Word.


• Create PDF from applications that support printing.

• Open encrypted PDF files.

• Modify, rotate or zoom into the PDF images.

Download Adolix PDF Converter

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