Convert PDF to Word Doc and Excel Xls file

Editing .pdf file is not easy, right? Keeping this in mind and to be able to let our readers easily convert the pdf file to Word .doc or Excel .xls format, here is a cool solution.

Convert PDF to Doc

If anytime for your work or to edit, you wish to convert PDF file to Doc file then there is a cool site which lets you do the thing easily.

Zamzar is a great online and free site that can convert files of extensions like txt, doc, PDF, html etc in either format.

Just browse for your PDF file and select the output format (doc) and enter your email address to receive the link to the converted file and click Convert. You will receive an email soon with the link.

Believe me the file remained as it was, cool? Let me know.

Convert PDF to Xls

Converting PDF file to Excel format is two step process. First convert the PDF file to Txt file (same method as above) then you need to convert the Txt file to Xls.

•    Open Excel file and click File -> Open to open the txt file (do not open it by right click and selecting open with)

•    You made need to change the file type to All Files for the txt file to get listed.

•    When you open the file, a Text Import Wizard will open up.

•    Now, in the step 1, choose Delimited.

•    Click Next and check off the Space checkbox as one of the delimiters.

•    Click Next and Finish.

Now to save this file just click File -> Save as and save it in the xls format.

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