Convert Photos into Morphed Animations with FotoMorph

If you have ever wanted to convert your friend’s pics into some funny animations then you can do that easily. Whether you want to take some revenge or just entertain your buddies, this tool is for you.

What you need to do is download this tool called FotoMorph, import 2 or more pics to photo morph. After importing the pictures, click on the Control button and map the similar features on both the pics with each other like map the nose of one pic to nose of another, eyebrow of one to that on another.

What this will do is that it will make the transition of one pic to another very smooth. After this you will need to set the animation properties on the photos. When finished you just need to export the project to save the file in your favourite format.

After some practice you would be able to create the morph animations easily.

Download FotoMorph

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