Convert .ppt to .mp4 for iPhone and iPod

It was the time of projects and presentations in my college and I was required to present my presentation but there was so much work with me that I had no time to revise. This was when I thought, a ppt to mp4 converter would have solved my problem and I would have revised the presentation on the go on my iPhone.

So here are the steps so that you can also convert your ppt files to mp4 videos so that you can view your presentations on the move on your iPhone, iPod or any device.


1.    Download the free Moyea ppt to mp4 converter from here.

2.    Click on Add button and browse for the file.

3.    You can select the transition time from the customize menu.

4.    You can also select the output file from the style menu. I selected the iPhone setting from the menu.

5.    Then just click the convert button on right.

The only thing is that being the free and trial version, it will provide a small logo on the top left which should not stop us from revising our presentations in our iPhones, or should it?

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