Convert REG File to EXE with Reg2Exe Converter

Changing registry of the computer holds the key for its proper or improper functioning. However there are times when some virus creator creates viruses that disable the Registry Editing. Well if you have also come across this message “Registry Editor has been disabled by your Administrator” then apart from using RRT to solve the problem and start using Registry Editor, you can also convert reg to exe.

Double clicking a Reg file to import it into the registry requires Registry Editor to be working but if it has been disabled you can convert the file to exe which do not require it.

Reg2Exe Converter is a free converter that converts the Reg file into self executable Exe file so that you can import any key into the registry even if it is disabled.


1.    Click Register to start using it and Unregister to remove.

2.    Right click the reg file and select Convert to exe.

3.    Does not require Registry Editor to import a key.

4.    Doesn’t warn before import any key into the registry.

Download Reg2Exe

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