Convert Trial Version of Software to Full Version

We all like downloading new and different software from the internet and use them for our purpose but most of them come with certain limitation.

The software that we download are mostly shareware that is they are just for the trial purpose and will get expire after some time but now you can use your trial software any no. of times.

To be able to use the free version of the software you need to download the tool called Time Stopper which can stop the time for trial version software. When you stop the time you can use your trial versions forever. When you stop the time of a trial version using this Time Stopper it works via this Time Stopper. Real time and date run normally on your system. You can use any number of trial version software with this software.

Use of this program is fairly simple and you just need to run this tool and register a new date of your choice to the trial software.

This post has been written by one of our regular readers Prakhar Gyawali, TS thank him for that.

Download Time Stopper

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