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Vp6 is a popular format used by the EA Games with which they include various movies in the game, though we can only watch the movies while playing the games. It often happens (at least to me) that we wish to see those videos again and again but the only way to do that is to play that part of the game each time.

Yeah, I know how it feels as I also enjoy playing various games. Now it was when I wanted to have that little snippet from one of my favorite games NFS Most Wanted which pushed me to find out “how I can convert vp6 to avi”.

The best possible way available to convert it is by using software called “NFSC vp6 Player”. The software comes free and clean which can be downloaded from here.

Advantages of NFSC vp6 Player
1.    Unbelievable video quality and that too exactly similar to the one packed inside the game.
2.    The final video after conversion is small in size.
3.    It is free to download.
4.    The software can be used unlimited times.

Disadvantages of NFSC vp6 Player
1.    Well this is the only disadvantage, the software can’t sync sound with video however we can easily put the sound file along with the video using other applications like Windows Movie Maker.


For those of you who are worried about the language of the software, here is the list of buttons decoded for your use:

Out of the 5 buttons shown above (in order from Left to Right)

The extreme left button : Viewing in Full Screen

Second button: To Browse for the .vp6 file

Third button: To start conversion process

Fourth button: Opens up the online Help

Last button: Exit button.

Conversion is now more simple, isn’t it?

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35 comments on “Convert .vp6 to .avi
  1. abhishek says:

    quite good tip, keep it up

  2. Karner says:

    its also the type of file that comes out when you use the youtube downloader. thanks

  3. v-payne says:

    i have tried now but no sound is coming i have also download the codec vp6 format but there is no sound output only video

  4. admin says:

    yes, it is the only limitation with this software. You can put the sound files along with the video in Windows Movie maker. To have the sound file, Rip it from any movie that contains it or record it from game.

  5. v-payne says:

    thanks i will try……..

  6. Kumar Abinash says:

    Thanx. keep it up.

  7. anoymous says:

    use OS BIG Editor to rip audio and then use VirtualDub to compile vedio and audio

  8. Juiced says:

    Urgh, its all in Greek.

  9. admin says:

    I have updated the post, see the update for using the software. The language should not stop us from using it, or should it? 🙂

  10. shray says:

    the extension of this file is ‘rar” and is not opening

  11. shray says:

    i mean the download is of extension rar and its not openig in my pc

  12. admin says:

    it is in compressed format so download the Winrar and extract it using that

  13. Dewaine says:

    I tried your .vp6 converter player. All I got was a rainbow colored screen and an error that windows had to close the software. I even got the vp6 codec. No good

  14. admin says:

    some problem with your computer

  15. Wahid says:

    Not so much good. Please try to improve

  16. joe says:

    the link that was provided downloaded the program with russian text, so it was no help to me.

  17. amy nut says:

    hey.first at all i would say thank you,letting me know how to see videos.but the question is who knows how we can find the sound files. tanx

  18. BadLuckLuke says:

    How about the other way around? That is converting all popular formats (eg avi, wmv etc etc) to vp6 so we can import our favourite videos to EA games?

  19. BHANHUKA says:


  20. MercuryDragon says:

    Awesome. Works perfect. Convert the file to .avi first. Then use Format Factory to change that again to .avi. Sound And Video Sync fantastic.

  21. Tejasv Arora says:

    Sir please help me….

    I have converted the undercover videos and its great…
    But the problem is sound…
    How to get the sound track of that exact video..

    Plz reply me sir..

  22. tom says:

    nice trick.. keep it up

  23. tanzim696 says:

    where can i get the sound files plz help

  24. david123 says:

    the program showing me slowing sound and the video dosent stops whan the video over and it not let me convert te file

  25. ashwani says:

    yes, it is fine but not good.because its vrdio performence in good but sound is little bad when i try it on nfs most wanted.

  26. Florin C says:

    By me (NFSU2) it has converted the audio also. Awesome !
    I loved this game !

  27. mehdi says:

    عالی بود.مرسی.
    very good.thanks

  28. Alex7 says:

    Can i with it to convert the videos from Dead Space? They are also vp6… if no, have some suggestion?

  29. Alex7 says:

    Ohh! I want to ask how to convert sound effects from Dead Space…

    I’m sorry for my bad english

  30. saqiii says:

    these movies r original or graphics…?

  31. admin says:

    The movies are the actual movies that you see when you play the game.

  32. aaddii says:

    hllo bozz.,
    mo tnya nech…
    kl mo buka file nsf pke ap yhh..
    punya sofwrenya…??

  33. Advait says:

    Great man ! I got it exactly what I was searching. I thought I’m the only one who want to see the movie files of NFS Most Wanted. I could play the files in VLC but the audio codec was undefined, could’nt hear the sound. U gave the solution. Thanks !

  34. brother the download link isn’t working, plz update the link.


  35. admin says:

    @R@YH@N S@RK3R
    I have uploaded the tool and updated the link, check back again. 🙂

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