Convert Webpage in an E-Book

In today’s world almost everyone rely on e-Books as they are handy and can be stored in our hand-held devices. Neither you have to spend huge amount to purchase them nor have to increase the weight of your luggage while travelling. You can use it wherever you want as per your convenience.

Same is the case related to Webpages. When you are reading a Webpage, there may be an issue of electricity or you have to go somewhere that is why you have to switch off your desktop. So today we are going to tell you that how you can convert a Webpage into E-Book.

dotEPUB is a free online service and to use it you don’t have to install any huge software in your computer. You can use it as a bookmarklet in almost any browser or operating system or if you are a Google Chrome user then you can use it as an extension. To use this service, follow these steps:

• Follow the link given below, which will lead you to dotEPUB Website

• Choose your settings from the right hand side of the Webpage; the setting appears as shown as in the screenshot

• You can select “EPUB” or “MOBI” as the output format and if you want you can select the “Immersive mode”. In the immersive mode, links will be removed, you will not be offered the possibility of keeping images and there will be no indication where removed images and videos were. In short, don’t use this option if you want to keep images and links etc.

• Now drag the dotEPUB logo to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar as shown in the screenshot

• Now go the webpage that you want to convert in E-Book.

Then it will ask you to save file as shown in screenshot. And the work is done. Now save the file in your handheld device.

It is the most simple and easy method of making a Webpage into an E-Book. This does not require any huge software on your system. You will not get disappointed after using this service.

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