Convert your Facebook Photos into Videos into a single Video

I like uploading lot of pics and videos to my Facebook account, some of my personal pics while others are the Photography pics that I click. FB is a cool way to share your images with others for them to see and appreciate. There is one another way of flaunting your pics by converting them into videos.

To be able to do this, you just need to make sure that you have already uploaded the pics on to your FB account as the application that creates the video woks only on the pics uploaded. The app is called Masher and is accessible with your facebook account. Using the app is a simple 3 step process which you can do easily.

You just need to login into your FB account, access this app and follow the process. When you access this app, you then need to select the images from your profile to add unto video, drag and drop them to the timeline. You can also add a music track to this timeline. After doing this, second step is to select the frames and transition effects for the video.

The app also provides you with some default presets that you can use for the video. At last you just need to save the video and share it with your buddies. The app also lets you see the preview of the video so that you can modify it before finalizing it.

The app is very simple to use and is a great way of sharing not only your pics but also your videos in the movie format.

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