Convert your Photos into Video with PhotoFilmStrip

I like to join my photos to create a video as it gives a pleasing feel and also helps in creating some story. It was my graduation pics that I have converted into a video with some nostalgic audio to share with my friends.

Although I created the video using the default Windows Movie Maker but here is a cool tool that I came across recently called the PhotoFilmStrip. As the name suggests, PhotoFilmStrip is a tool that can be used to convert your photos into a video having some cool effects and audio.

To be able to use the tool you just need to install it in your system, create a new project and select the images to be added in the video. To add the images you can either open the wizard and select the images or directly drag and drop on to the film strip of the tool. You will get the preview of the image on the upper section of the tool, moreover if the image resolution is bigger than the resolution of the video selected, then you can directly crop the image too with ease.

Needless to mention, you can select from lot of video effects and transitions to add to your video. Adding audio to the video is also not at all difficult, as you can directly see the length of the video being created in the bottom status bar of the tool.

You can save the video in many output formats like MP4, FLV or AVI etc with many rendering codecs like full HD or VCD, Pal or NTSC. However depending upon the photos and the system configuration, rendering may take some time. The tool is very easy to use and have many cool options to select, the reason why I decided to write about it vs Windows Movie maker.

Download PhotoFilmStrip

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