Copy File or Folder’s Name, Path or Location with Right Click

Out of many things that I like in Windows, there is one feature that I also like and which is the customization. You can add or remove functionalities into the OS as per your needs. Windows by default has many features but if you feel that there is something it misses by default then you can get that added.

Today we are talking about the copy feature of the Windows which is one of the most used features. You can use the copy feature to copy a file or a doc from one place to another but if you are someone who wants to know the physical location of the file, like where it is residing, then you got to open the explorer and look for it.

Here is a short trick that most people don’t know, you can actually get to know the full path of the file in the right click context menu. How? Here’s how.

Press the Shift key while right clicking on any file or a folder and you will see an option known as “Copy as Path”. Click this option and when you paste to any text file you will get the entire file path of the file right before you, thereby saving you from the hassle.


Here is an alternate way to get this with some more features with the tool called Path Copy Copy. Path Copy Copy is a Windows Explorer add-on that adds a contextual menu item on all files and folders allowing the user to copy the path in various formats. Using this tool you can get many options like

• Copy Short Name
• Copy Long Name
• Copy Short Path
• Copy Long Path
• Copy Short Parent Folder Path
• Copy Long Parent Folder Path
• Copy Short UNC Path
• Copy Long UNC Path
• Copy Short UNC Parent Folder Path
• Copy Long UNC Parent Folder Path
• Copy Internet Path
• Copy Unix Path
• Copy Cygwin Path


Moreover you can select which option to display in the right click context menu, and which not by customizing the add-on.

I am not sure how much useful this add-on might be for you, but would be good for someone who works with the file locations on a regular basis. Also it doesn’t hurt to learn something new each day, is it?

Download Path Copy Copy

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