Copy Images from your Browser Cache to Local Hard Drive

Whenever we visit some website all the images that loads on the page or we download to view gets saved in the local browser cache automatically. This serves couple of purposes that whenever we visit the same page again next time, the browser first search these in the cache which speeds up our browsing experience.

Also, this enables to view the webpages offline. In case you have limited internet data bandwidth, this process also helps you by saving the bandwidth and opening the same already downloaded images and not opening the images again.

You can move these images and other downloaded media to your hard drive in case you wish to save the network bandwidth and time in downloading them again. Now manually copying the media is a bad option, as you will find it very hard to relate the naming conventions of the files to the web pages. Thus here is a utility called cacheCopy.

cacheCopy can easily copy the images from your browser cache to your local hard drive. You can even select images based on certain filters like size, resolution etc. What I found most interesting with this utility is that it automatically detects your default browser and profile thereby saving you from the overhead.

You can filter the images based on some filters like hours (by using Include images upto option), image size (by using Include images larger than option) and image resolution (by using Include images larger than pixels option). The tool support jpg, gif and png images.

Download cacheCopy

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