Copy iTalk Recordings from iPhone to Computer

iTalk is a good iPhone application to record sounds and store them in memory. It stores all the sound recorded by you in the .aif format.

iTalk requires another software to transfer audio recordings to the PC with Wifi but here is a method with which you can save the recordings from iPhone to computer easily (if you have another sound recording app then also you can transfer the files).

Steps to move audio from iPhone to computer

1.    You just need to download and install iPhone file explorer software like iPhone Browser or DiskAid (other link).

2.    Connect the iPhone with the USB cable.

3.    Now navigate to the folder location User/Applications/

4.    There must be many folders; each folder is of the application installed on the phone.

5.    You then need to see each of the folders for its name (in my case it was the folder with the name starting with 9B549A03… that belonged to iTalk).

6.    Click on Documents -> Recordings. Your recordings will be there on the right side in the .aif format.

7.    Right click and save them to the PC.

Though it requires some work but won’t you do it for your recordings?

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  1. if any of you guys are having a problem looking for the path, you may refer to the following screenshots:

    1. Go to Application:

    2. Then look for com.griffintechnology.italk, expand Documents and then go to Recordings:

    3. Finally, select the Recording you want to backup.

    Hope this helps…

  2. The iphone must be jailbroken before moving the aif from iphone to PC?

    I download iphonebrowser and I can’t find the folder called application.

  3. Well, neither iphone 3G 3.1.3 and iphone4 4.0.1 show the folders ‘user’ or ‘application’..
    What can be?
    IphoneBrowser version is

  4. I just see root. There is no user or application listed. Please help as I really need to download my italk recordings – there are so many of them and wifi isn’t working (corrupted). Need to update my iphone to correct whats going on, so need to save the recording. Phone is not jailbroken. Thanks much, IS

  5. My advice would be to download the latest version of the iPhone browser and after connecting your phone search for the folders inside the root.

  6. Hey some of my italk recordings aren’t playing back. I sshed into the folder and i don’t see the recording but it shows up when i open the iTalk app. I try to play that recording and the app crashes. Any Solutions? Thanx

  7. Well me droogs, I also couldn’t get Iphone Explorer to work taking out my behemoth Italk recordings…
    tried DiskAid and Voila! Trial 14 days, ten $ to buy.

  8. Hello,

    I have the some problem – I have an Ipad and I need to transfer some files recorded by Italk to my PC. I tried to install DiskAid and Ipad File Explorer but in both programs I can’t find the files. Any idea?


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