Copy or Hide a File inside an Image

Have a secret file and want to hide it on your system from other users? Here is a simple but cool trick that will enable you to hide a file in an image. The trick is so cool that you won’t be able to find out if the image is hiding a file behind it or not.

The jpeg image will not only look like usual image file but also work like one. The image will not only hide the document but also open in the Picture Viewer as usual. Great isn’t it?

Steps to hide files behind an Image:

1.    Create a new folder (I created in drive C: named “a”).

2.    Place all the documents/files in it that you want to hide (I stored z.txt in it).

3.    Copy any image of yours in it (I stored x.jpg in it).

4.    Make a rar archive of all the files that you need to hide (I created one named z.rar).

5.    Now open cmd (Start->Run->cmd)

6.    Go to the folder’s location by typing cd location like for me it was cd C:\a

7.    Now just type the following command with name that corresponds to your file

copy /b x.jpg + z.rar x.jpg

The screen will look like as shown above.

Steps to see/recover file back:

1.    Just rename the final image to rar that is x.jpg to x.rar

2.    The archive will be having your file

Worth a try? Share it below.

5 Replies to “Copy or Hide a File inside an Image”

  1. What if I add files that are of the same format and create a seperate output file? How should I extract the hidden files from the new file?

    Eg. copy /b a.jpg + b.jpg = c.jpg

    How will I get b.jpg from c.jpg?

  2. This will pose a problem so just make sure that the source image file is same as the final output file.

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  4. hi is it possible to hdie a .vbs file instead of rar every time i try it i get that the file path is not found any advice would be great

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