Copy or Select Text Vertically in Microsoft Word

Due to some functions in the house, I am keeping busy these days, so here is a short but interesting post for you people which I am sure most of you didn’t know about. So you have been selecting the text while using Microsoft Word in a paragraph fashion (horizontally), don’t you?

I always wanted to select the text both horizontally as well as vertically in the Word. Even the Microsoft Word allows us to do this thing from a long time.

Here is how you can do this:

The tip is very easy and requires nothing. What you have to do is just hold the Alt key while making the selection from the mouse. Just the exact way you have been dong for selecting horizontally but with Alt.

Now you can easily cut, copy or edit the selected text like if you wish to change the first word of every line, just select the word vertically and edit it.

So tell me how you liked the post?

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