Copy Text from Websites that have Disabled Copying

We come across lot many websites that have blocked copying of texts, most of them being the bank websites. First of all let us know why they would want to disable copying? Well, there can be some reasons like the website is showcasing something that is the owner’s property like a code or something or it may be that for your security, and added protection they want you to enter some data again rather than copying and pasting it.

Whatever may be the reason, copying some information helps the users a lot and if done in legal and non-harmful ways, we can still copy data off a website and save with us.

Here are couple of ways of doing it:

1. Copying the data from the webpage’s source code


What you see on a webpage is always coded in the backend, so if you can see the backend page, you can copy the desired text too. Press Ctrl + U while on the webpage, and you will come across the source code of the webpage.
Now you can find the text (Ctrl + F) and highlight it to select and copy.

2. Turning off the Javascript that disables the Copy feature

If you happen to know, most websites uses javascripts to run and to disable the copy feature. So how about we disable those javascripts that disable the feature for us?

P.S.: Doing this can also make the website might refuse to load too, but still you can try.


• In Firefox, press F12 to see options to disable JavaScript.
• In Chrome, Go to Content settings to turn off (chrome://settings/content)
• In Internet Explorer, go to Internet Option -> Security -> Zone -> Custom Level -> Active Scripting.
• In Opera, go to Opera settings to turn off (opera://settings/).

Let us know which one of the ways you liked and was useful to get the text copied.

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