Cover app for Android lets you Access right Apps at the Right Time

Whenever your phone screen is locked then you can’t use the apps before unlocking it. So in case you need to access any app instantly, you will have to go through the big process of unlocking the phone, finding the app and then starting it. However with the firmware 4.2 on Android, you have the option of placing the most used apps right on the lock screen so that you can run the apps without having to unlock the screen first.

Well there are many lockscreen replacement apps available for Android but today we are reviewing one such app called as Cover which is better than the rest. What Cover does is, it places the right apps on the lockscreen at the right time by learning your location and time so that you don’t have to unlock the screen to use that app. This way, you will have more options of the apps on your lock screen.


How does Cover work:

After installing the app Cover, you just need to set your home and work address and the rest it will take care. So say, you just woke up in the morning, what are the apps that you would need, likely news and songs etc. This is what it will do, place these kind of apps on the lock screen.


Now suppose you are in the car heading for your work, what are the apps you are likely to use, probably, maps, yelp and weather etc. Thus it will replace the earlier apps on the lock screen with these kind of apps.


Now suppose you are at work, you would probably use apps like Notes, Docs and Emails etc. Thus it will again replace the apps for you. If you are thinking, how does it know your location? Then may be you are forgetting that your smartphone now comes with lot many sensors like accelerometer, gyrometer and of course the GPS.

So if the app sounds fantastic to you, then you should head on to the app website and get the invite as it is right now available only on the invitation. However it is planned to be launched in the Android store soon.

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