Create and Manage Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Although we have couple of input methods for using the computer, I prefer the keyboard most as using the shortcuts I can save lot of time. Imagine yourself clicking the Chrome icon to open the browser, then typing a website and hitting Go, you can just press the shortcut keys to do all this for you.

By default Windows have some preset shortcuts that can be used like Ctrl + C etc which definitely save lot of time for us, but what if we wish to create some shortcuts for ourselves that suits our working style most? Yes this can be done too, with the help of a tool called Keyboard Shortcuts Manager.

Keyboard Shortcuts Manager is a powerful easy-to-use freeware program for creating and managing keyboard shortcuts for some system action. Using this tool we can also create custom keyboard shortcuts for some programs and functions that we usually do daily which includes Open My Computer, My Documents, Power off computer, Restart computer, Hibernate, opening Internet addresses, folders, documents, starting applications, open/close your CD-ROM, Close the selected program and more.

The tool also has list of pre-saved list of shortcuts that can be used for running the desired tasks. If you wish to add your own custom keyboard shortcut, then you just need to click Add button, give it a shortcut key, desired action or the destination to be opened. The key will be saved in the list and you can access the desired action pressing the shortcut anytime.

You can edit or delete a saved shortcut and can enable or disable it too in case you don’t wish to delete it from the list. The tool is a freeware and works well on all versions of Windows both 32 and 64 bits.

Download Keyboard Shortcuts Manager

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