Create and Print your Own Photo Calendar with your Own Pics

Calendars are really helpful when you need to lookup certain date in future or in the past. While digital technology had replaced the hard form of the calendars, they are still useful. I still like to place a photo calendar on my work desk as it helps in quickly browse through the dates. Moreover if you are someone who likes to see the photos in the calendar, you might like to print your own with your own photos too.

For someone like me who is interested in photography, printing your own photo calendar is really exciting. I would surely like to print my own calendar with the photos that I click on top. If you are also looking for something like that, then here is the tool that will help you.


This free tool is called as Pically and is free photo calendar creator that will help you in printing your own photo calendar with the set of your own images. The tool also lets you enter some important events like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other days so that it comes out printed on the dates automatically.

Using the tool is very easy too, you just need to browse twelve different photos for each month, and arrange them according to you. The images are shown in thumbnails and can be replaced too if by chance you placed some wrong image. When you are done placing the photos in the tool, you have the option of adding events too.


When you are done formatting the calendar, you can now click on the Generate button to generate the PDF file of the calendar for your preview. If the final PDF looks perfect to you then you can go ahead and print the same and place the sheets accordingly.

Pically works well on most OS but it requires Java to be installed in your system.

Download Pically

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