Create Collage with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Photos

Collage is one of the best modes to keep our memories alive. This helps in combining all our memories at one place. All of us have many images uploaded on various social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. but if we need to create a collage using those photographs then we have to download each and every image and then place it accordingly.

If we make a collage in such way, then it will take a long time to create it. Thus, in this case you can use a web application known as Loupe. Using this application you can create beautiful collage in different shapes using the pictures that you have on various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and other online services.

When you will visit the website of this application, you will have to connect your Facebook (or other social service) account with this application. Then click on ‘Get started’ button to create a collage. It will show you all those albums that were created by you on Facebook. You can even select your friend’s photographs also to make you collage more attractive.

Once you have added the images, you will have to select the shape of your collage. The moment you click on the desired shape, all your photographs will be placed accordingly. If you are satisfied with your collage, you can share it, email it, copy the embed link, or can even download it to the local system.

This application is free to use and is very easy to use. This is one of the best and simplest ways to create a collage. Visit the link below and have a try. I hope you will like it.

Visit Loupe

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