Create Desktop Shortcuts to Eject and Close CD Drive

Don’t make efforts to reach to the CPU and push the CD drive eject button to open the CD tray, just make a shortcut that can do it for you right on your desktop or in the right click context menu.

Similarly you can make a shortcut that can close the drive for you, sounds great isn’t it? This great work is achieved by the tool called NirCmd.

How to make Shortcut to open and close CD/DVD Drive:

1.    Unzip the package that you can download from the link at the bottom of the article.

2.    Place the nircmd.exe file in the Windows folder.

3.    Create a shortcut and give its location as nircmd.exe cdrom open G: where G is your CD Drive letter. (You can also run the command directly from the Run box as shown below)

4.    Yes you can customize the look of the icon by choosing an icon for it from the Choose Icon button in the shortcut properties.

5.    Similarly you can make a Close Tray Shortcut that will close the tray for you, just give the target location of the shortcut as nircmd.exe cdrom close G:

How to add Close Tray option to the context menu:

1.    Download a zip file and extract the contents to find 2 registry files, one to add Close Tray option to the context menu and other to remove.

2.    Just merge the required one into the registry.

Download NirCmd

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