Create Direct Download Link from Torrent File

One of the major advantages of using Torrents for download is the ability to start and stop the download whereas on the other hand this is the limitation with the direct download links, although they are fast.

Also if you use torrents you must have known that downloading from torrents take time initially whereas downloading from http downloads is simple and fast. Here is a service called BitLet which will help you in creating the direct download links for your torrent files. How this service works is, it downloads the file to their servers and provides users with the direct http download links.

To use this service, you need to  provide in the .torrent file which can be done in two ways, either enter the online URL for the .torrent file or browse for the locally saved torrent file on your desktop. When you click the Download Torrent button, it will open a download window that will display the information about the download status. You just need to enter the download location for the download and relax to see the download completing after that.

You can also change the settings for your download by clicking on the Settings link on the top right of your download window. This will open a new window where you can change the upload rate according to you. BitLet also downloads the file to its server first and then provides the users with the download links.

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