Create DVD Disk cover easily with DVD Slim Free

What do you do to name a disk after burning it in the computer, write the name using a marker or create a cover for it? While writing the name by hand is not a bad option but if you cover it with a DVD cover then it surely looks great and interesting. It is also a good practice to archive the disks.

To be able to create a CD DVD cover, you need some program that does it for you. There are many tools that can do this for you like Nero or other disc burning tools but the problem with them is that most of them do not come free. So here is a tool that does the same for you and is also free to use.

The program is called DVD Slim Free, and is a software for creating disk cover designs for almost all the disc formats available. This program is able to create disk covers for standard, mini sized disks and even the VHS and blue ray disks. In short, this is a simple, easy to use tool to create covers to like CDs, DVDs, VHS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, BlueRay and much more.


• Use own pictures from your hard drive;

• Searching for cover images on the internet;

• Selection of the desired cover type;

• Adapting the cover format;

• Naming a title (on the front and on the edge of the cover);

• Print the cover of your project;

• Select the programming language

The tool is a freeware, supporting many languages and works on all version of Windows. The tool is also available in portable form and is easy to use too.

Download DVD Slim Free

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